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Presentation Alexandra: new volunteer in Medellín

Alexander Deceuninck

Jul 31, 2023

Alexandra speaking about her first month at the project.

Hi! My name is Alex and I am 22 years old. I grew up in Florida but lived in Philadelphia for a few years because that is where I attended university. I studied International Relations because I have always been extremely passionate about different cultures, perspectives, and global connectedness. So, it has always been the goal to travel to as many places as possible, not only to visit new countries, but to also make a positive difference wherever I go.

I chose to come to Colombia right after graduating because my mom is Colombian and I really wanted to experience how she lived for half of her life. I was also very excited to have the chance to connect with the children of La Comuna 13 and support them in their journey of learning English. I have been working with the project for about a month now and absolutely love it!

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