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Work and travel part 2


Jan 28, 2024

This one is for the artsy souls

Hi people!

Today let’s come back to our “working while traveling” topic and dig deeper into the general options available.

For the artistic souls among us, sharing your art in various ways can be a pretty good option. In Medellin for example, you can look for artsy cafes, co-working spaces and cultural places to expose and sell your work, perform in hostels, give art lessons etc.

If you have a skill that is easily transposable in other countries, then offering your service (or even teaching it!), can be the way to go. Like giving conversation lessons in your native language for example!

And there are of course all the gigs you can find online. It concerns way more jobs than we usually think of, with all the businesses that became 100% digital in the last years.

BUT. For those of you thinking: “I am none of those. Am I doomed ?!” Well, no. Do not worry, we will cover this next Sunday .

Chau pues parceros!


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