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Summary April

Alexander Deceuninck

May 1, 2023

lots of good news
lots of fun. lots of progress

Heeey people,

Here we are with the summary of April. Well what can I say, it was a really nice month.

With our new volunteer Ella, we organized for the first time art classes. And as we had hoped, the art classes are very popular. For the first class she let all the students paint a fruit (two times) and we played a memory game with the English names of the fruits. It was awesome.

We also organized an easter egg hunt, a tradition for Eastern in Belgium but the children of the comuna “Juan 23” it was their first time! It was so much fun, even for the volunteers who got to hide the eggs! Playing is learning, and this kind of activities get them to raise their level of English!

Finally, we've had also good news from two of our students of the youngest group. Their parents sent us a message they got the highest notes for English of their class in school. One objective is creating a home a safe place for them during class, the classes are very popular and the children are really talkative so I can say we are on the way to achieving this goal. Another one is to actually raise their level of English, to help them get a job/study in foreign countries. Well what can I say when hearing the news of course this gives a lot of fulfillment and motivates us to even work harder in the future!


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