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Celina and Alexandra from Germany came to visit our class


Apr 20, 2023

Celina and Alexandra were invited into the neighbourhood to present Germany, learn more about their experience in the following article.

Hello my name is Celina , I am from Germany and twenty years old. I traveled through Latin America the last 8 months. 

In November I had the chance to visit the school of the project in Comuna 13 in Medellin. Me and my friend who is also from Germany presented some basic German vocabulary and answered questions about Germany in general. The school is really nice located next to a soccer place and you have a nice view over the city. The children were really open and interested in you so my Spanish is not perfect but It was still possible for me to communicate with them. 

I think the school is a big chance for the children and they can learn something in a good and safe environment where they also have fun and can spend their free time. I definitely wanna visit Colombia again and looking forward to seeing the school and how it develops.

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