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Intercambio festival 2023

Alexander Deceuninck

Sep 9, 2023

A beautiful edition

Hi friends!

One week later, we are happy and satisfied, enjoying a meal with our team in our garden in Merelbeke, overviewing all the good stories/memories we made last weekend.

What can we say?

We thank you for again being massively present, being enthusiastic and engaging in our activities.

Salsa and Bachata which I personally prefer was awesome (A collaboration party with the dancing school of the teachers follows later this year).

Belgians like a good BBQ, Elias the grill maestro was on fire!

A Colombian movie on the side wall of the neighbor's house, for some people the movie was to serious but definitely an experience!

Circus techniques with one of our neighbors we met more for the first time. The children loved it!

Some of our international friends being here and helping out.

An overview of the first activities: the classes, the volunteers, life in Colombia, ...

Lots of activities but most importantly is that we connected this weekend, that we spend time with various cultures and nationalities, and that's what Intercambio stands for!

See you all next year!

Team Intercambio

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