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Birthday Kell

Alexander Deceuninck

Oct 26, 2023

Lots of birth day cards for Kell

Hi people,

Yesterday was the birthday of Kell, member of the Intercambio board and substitute teacher + trust person of the volunteers and our students.

Kell, who is currently in Medellín helping out with the classes arrived in class with a bag full of candy (probably from the States as he's often traveling for work there).

Well what do kids need more than a bag of candy?

The answer is way more, and that's what they get with Kell. He is funny, heartwarming, positive and both the volunteers/our students like to hang out with them.

He's the only tourist I think that dared to go all the way up in the comuna's with his car.

He's an inspiration for them.

He learns them lots of new things which is good, except from telling them that the color purple is the best color of the world. I guess this is a small part of the learning plan we'll have to change, because you can see on the birthday card that one of the kids made, above this article, that Kell can be very convincing.

We are so happy to have you in our team Kell, and we'll soon meet up with the whole team, that's for sure. If it's not in Colombia, it will be in Europe.

Cheers to Kell!

Team Intercambio.

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