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Elias Deschryvere


Who am I ?

Hi! My name is Elias. I’m 25 years old and have been passionate about social causes my whole life.

My family was always engaged with NGO’s, foster care and a lot of projects for the “3rd and 4nd world”. This led me to study sociology and work as a social worker as a first step in my professional life.

The world, people, food, languages and intercultural exchange have always triggered my curiosity. I am what you call “a backpacker baby”. My mom traveled with me (mostly in Europe and Central America) when I was still a toddler. This formed me into the man I am today, and it’s definitely one of the causes I co-founded Intercambio.

Apart from traveling and everything related to it (cooking, learning languages, etc…) I’m very passionate about football. I equally love playing and watching it. 

You can always dare me to a game of chess or table tennis; or grab some instruments and we’ll start jamming! 

What’s my role within Intercambio?

Within intercambio I am the VP. I’ll take responsibility in selecting and guiding the volunteers, as well as keeping an eye out for projects. Furthermore, I am co-responsible for finding funds and social media.  

Elias Deschryvere
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