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Summary May

Elias Deschryvere

Jun 4, 2023

Heey friends hope you are all doing well, below you'll find the report of May.

In May we welcomed a new volunteer. Dido! With Alex gone, and Elias gone for the start of the month… the group of volunteers were put through a new challenge. But everything went amazing! Ameer took the lead, Ella’s art classes started to pick up pace, Dido got integrated well and Kell was there to oversee stuff… and he saw it was going good!!

For a few weeks Elias came back and the team went on a teambuilding weekend to a cabin in the mountains. We hung out and started planning a great surprise for our students… which you’ll get to know about in the next update! Good things are coming!

In the classroom, we revised a lot of stuff using different methods and games. Some of the knowledge got lost… some of it stuck! But after the month of may we can proudly say the kids made good progress. Some are advancing that well that they get some extra, more challenging exercises. Change starts slow, and has it challenges. But the month May proved… steady and slowly is the way… and looking back, we are advancing! One step at a time!

Exchange, connect and inspire!

Team Intercambio!

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