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Summary January

Alexander Deceuninck

Feb 4, 2023

January: the most popular month to come to English classes. We have 50 kids now and for the first time we had to divide them into different groups. And other good news: I found an apartment for the volunteers

Hi guys,

How’s it going there? Did you spend some nice holidays with family and friends?

January was a very interesting month in Medellín. During January children here have the whole month off. So holidays until the end of January. That means lots of time to come to the classes and lots of energy as well. So the classes became very popular and we had to start working in different groups. Group 1: 8-11 year olds, has classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, group 2: 12-15 year olds level 1 on Tuesday and Thursday, group 3: 12-15 year olds as well on Tuesday and Thursday. We have almost 40 children coming to the classes now and the fact that most of them come voluntarily gives me a lot of motivation.

What can I tell you about Medellín, the dry season has started. That means lots of sun and almost no rain. Normally it should start already in December but due to climate change the seasons are changing and mixing as well. Anyways, I'm really happy because now I don’t need to worry about sudden rain when booking a tennis court. Doing sports and being active is a big thing here in Medellín. Paisas like to go to outdoor gyms, skating, cycling,.... Also the facilities here are very good, and almost all for free? 

Oh yeah btw I found an apartment for our first volunteers. A perfect location and not that expensive. Got to be lucky from time to time.

Anyways, let's talk soon guys!



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