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Summary February

Alexander Deceuninck

Mar 3, 2023

February: Elias, co-founder of Intercambio arrived to help out with the start up here in Colombia. That means: lots of energy and with that energy comes new ideas. From now on we invite people to present their country, like an intercultural class. Are you curious about which nationalities we invited in our class?

Hi Guys, 

Here I am again for the summary of February. Lots of good news. Elias Arrived, so good to work together now, live in the same house, … just like in Belgium. Good to have my best friend and partner close to me. We stimulate each other, test each other and just have lots of fun. 

How about the project? 

We get a lot of good vibes from people who want to help out. Something new that we integrated starting from this month is when we meet an interesting person (not from Medellín) and we see the person is open for cultural exchange, we invite the person to present his/her country/city during one of our lessons. The experiences so far have been amazing. We see that these are very popular and enriching classes. We always ask the invited person to explain how speaking English helped them during their travels and their professional career. For the children it’s a nice way to learn about other countries and present their own country to the guests.

So far we’ve had France, China, Germany, Iran and Canada. And last week we held an election: so see which countries the children would love to have here in one of our classes. And guess what Brazil is on top, followed by Mexico and Argentina. So far they still have this love for Latin American countries. Well, I’ll guess they just need to get to know some other countries. After the class with China some of them wanted to learn Chinese. That’s also one of our goals: make them discover the world, sensitize them, inform them about the possibilities to study abroad, work abroad,... 

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