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Presentation Valentín: our first volunteer

Valentin Erlenbach

Mar 7, 2023

Yes, the moment is there, a new step in the development of our foundation. We have our first volunteer Valentin, from Germany, learn more about him in his presentation:

Hey friends!

We have such good news: we found our first official volunteer and he just spent his first week @ our project in Medellín. We asked him to do a short intro. Let's see what he has to say??

Hola, my name is Valentin, I'm from Germany and 31 years old. After some years working in a meeting center for young people and an educational project for refugees I decided to change my used environment and spend some time in Colombia.

Why Colombia? The biodiversity around here is incredible. You have the carabic and aquatic areas, pacific coast, grasslands, tropical rainforest, dry forests and even desert. Accordingly there are many little paradises to explore.

For me traveling is always connected to a cultural exchange. So I came to this country with the idea to stay a longer period at one place and support a social project. I like to work with young people, hear about their ideas and support them.

Last week at intercambio I really got impressed by the teenage class. Even after a long day with school early in the morning they voluntarily come to the English classes in the evening. The kids' commitment motivates and gives new energy. An energy which you can easily get rid of in a football match with the kids after class.

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