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Work and travel part 1


Jan 21, 2024

What if you can do both work and travel at the same time?

Hi people!

Today let’s talk about a subject that concerns a fair share of travel-spirit people around the world: working while traveling.

We are so many to understand how enriching traveling is, especially when done with the will of discovering other cultures and sharing ours. But let’s be honest. It costs money. The amount will vary depending on your way of life, yes, but still, especially when you dream about doing it for a long period, or you are considering being one of our next amazing volunteers in Medellin for example . Well, working while traveling can be the answer! And it does not have to be as challenging as it sounds.

So, what are the different work possibilities?

How do you divide your time?

How do you stay motivated when so many fun activities are waiting for you outside?

We will explore those questions together every Sunday in the following weeks, so stay tuned

Chau pues parceros

Maryam (team intercambio)

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