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Summary December

Alexander Deceuninck

Jan 5, 2023

December, a very important month for Colombians because of Christmas and the holidays. What can I say: it has been a busy month: more children in the classes, fundraising for the finalization of the new classroom, and a holiday in el Choco (a region in Colombia that lies on the pacific coast).

Hi everyone, here I’m back for the summary of December!

Well what can I say, I now truly know how much I missed hanging out with the kids. 

The past couple of weeks have been very good. We are getting more structure into the lessons, we divided the students in several groups, they now already know how to present themselves in English, we’ve had several visits from international people (Germany, Canada, Iran, …) It’s really beautiful to see how everything develops in the right direction.

Also not to forget: Yenny and the local team of workers are constantly busy with finishing the construction of the new classroom called Oasis. It’s now Christmas and the works are currently suspended due to the lack of funds. We started a fundraising a week ago, so if you would read this article and would like to donate that would be really great. Here is the link:

After Christmas I took advantage of the holidays to go for the first time to “El chocó”. It’s the region of Colombia that lays on the pacific ocean and has a large Afro-Colombian community. What can I say: I loved the food (lots of good fish and coco rice), the vibes of the people, the nature, disconnecting from society and a bough all the kilometer-long beaches where you could walk and pass almost nobody during a whole day. I highly recommend it. The only thing is that it wasn’t easy to get to Medellín hahahah. But I’ll spare you from that story, I’ll tell it to you later once we meet up.



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