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Presentation new volunteer: Ella


Apr 4, 2023

We welcome Ella from Australia into the intercambio family.

Hello my name is Ella I'm 24 years old, and I am from Australia. Im very excited to be joining the team at Intercambio and feel very lucky to be welcomed into the community at Comuna 13. Colombia is a country that was intriguing for me for awhile. The vibrant culture, dancing and wide range of unique food sparked my curiosity.

But what initially made we want to get involved in this program? I am very passionate about child psychology and believe in the importance of play while learning. I understand that every class room has a wide range of children with different learning styles and paces. My aim is to to involve creativity and fun in the learning process as this was something I craved while I was at school and I believe is a effective tool to learn. I have always been more creatively inclined and spend most of my time drawing, I also love to paint murals whenever I get the opportunity. Above all I was really drawn to the goal of this program and that its providing a safe place for kids to learn English.

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