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Cycling for the good cause

Alexander Deceuninck

Mar 18, 2024

Podcast about cycling adventures Alex in Kiwiland

Hi friends and supporters from all over the world!

This is Alex, one of the founders of Intercambio and I have news! I'm currently in New Zealand traveling with the bicycle and I'm making a podcast about the people I'm meeting on the road.

Yesterday I published the first episode on spotify: it's about the coffee culture in New Zealand:

You might think: what has this to do with Intercambio, well one of the reasons I'm making this podcast is to collect funds so we can pay the English teacher in the project in Medellín for the coming year! And for sure she's going to learn the kids some real kiwi slang words!

I started a donorbox campaign, so if ya all like the podcast and would like to support that would be lovely.

The next episode will be about a Belgian girl who married a kiwi.

Other topics that will be discussed: Maori, going bush, tramping, bikepacking, warmshowers, and many more....



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