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Volunteer in Medellín!

Intercambio Vzw is looking for volunteers who can teach English in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Medellín (Colombia).


1. good level of English and basic level of Spanish

2. good communication skills 

3. experience working with children

Why Volunteer?

  • It’s morally good, socially valuable and it contributes to personal well-being.

  • It’s a chance to discover a country in a unique way.

  • You’ll develop skills and competences that have a positive impact on the world.

  • It’s a good way to let your potential employer know that you care about your own and others' development.

Heb impact als vrijwilliger in Colombia
Heb impact als vrijwilliger in Colombia

Ameer's volunteering experience in Medellín 

One of my favorite parts of this experience was seeing how my relationships with the kids (and adults) of La Divisa grew over time. Week by week, I could see the students becoming more open, comfortable, and accepting of me.


I found it very rewarding to get to know some of the kids on a personal level, and once I was able to earn their trust and respect it became much easier and more enjoyable to teach. 

Why choose Intercambio?

  • We are an inclusive organization run by a team of volunteers whose members have all been on the projects.

  • We are in close contact with the social leaders of the projects and the target group for the voluntary work.

  • We offer affordable volunteering experiences.

  • In our association everybody has a say: both the volunteer, the supervisors, the hosting association and the teenagers.

Heb impact als vrijwilliger in Colombia
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